The Hollywood “Duke” Goes To Washington

The Hollywood “Duke” Goes To Washington

Though the subject of this installment isn’t what loyal readers were expecting or hoping to see, rest assured, a Newsspell exclusive concerning the Nipsey Hussle event – with an angle no other alternative news source has explored – will be published very soon.

And while remembering patience is a virtue folks, you won’t want to miss this!

Meanwhile however, is there anyone out there who still doesn’t believe most of the politicians “elected” as either representatives, senators and even presidents aren’t actors?

Before addressing the definitive answer to that question, consider that the US government is a corporation; its primary business and fiduciary responsibility is to serve the commercial interests of its major stockholders, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. The government’s profit is drawn from the collection of taxes, and the employment of experienced actors has become the most surefire method to ensure the public is perpetually convinced greater tax expenditures are always necessary to solve “problems” that are routinely manufactured solely for the sake of monetary exploitation.

Most likely, a number of one’s loyal readers may not be familiar with the former American congressional Speaker of the House of Representatives from the state of Massachusetts, “Tip O’Neill”.

Nevertheless, the story of his long career as a political actor in the nation’s capitol is remarkable, because Mister O’Neill’s character is yet another pertinent example of the actor-based-reality.

Turns out, Mister “O’Neill” was portrayed by one of Hollywood’s most legendary screen actors.

Not only that folks, but the current governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, is also a character fabrication, and portrayed by a former high-profile television late-night talk show host who is also a well-known and award-winning Hollywood movie director. Continue reading “The Hollywood “Duke” Goes To Washington”

Watergate Covered Up More Sinister Crime (Part I)

Watergate Covered Up More Sinister Crime (Part I)


Americans, even in this digital age with reams of knowledge at their fingertips, will somehow never let go of the massive lies with which they have grown so comfortable. Far more comfortable to be safe among the hordes of sheep, than risk getting separated from the herd, wandering into the wild to face the fearful wolf. Daring to expose the fact this world is filled with nothing more than lies and liars, means one risks facing those deep seated monsters buried in dark crevices of the subconscious, of being ostracized for daring to be different.

Going against the grain in an intellectually incurious 21st century, adopting perspectives deviating from mainstream propaganda, is truly a dangerous gambit, for one risks transforming to social pariah. Indeed, contracting the disease of independent thinking will mean you shall stand alone at the office water cooler. Which brings us to the topic at hand, for the event known as ‘Watergate’ represents yet another chapter of scripted American history the media sorcerers love to trumpet as an example of the so-called democratic process in action. But America is neither a democracy, nor representative of such lofty ideals, and its government ceased to operate abiding by those principles long ago, for it has only ever offered the appearance of democracy, the reality is something else entirely. Continue reading “Watergate Covered Up More Sinister Crime (Part I)”