What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part III)

What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part III)

Though the revelations included in the first pair of installments concerning the JFK assassination may have seemed shocking enough, there exists more to be revealed.

On this occasion, one shall first examine the alleged romantic entanglement between the late JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and his surviving Soviet defector, Marina Oswald.

Then, one shall reexamine the identity of the slain president’s host actor.

Suffice to say folks, though the American people have been held spellbound by the official, mainstream narrative of the JFK assassination for decades, that spell is about to be broken – forever.

Before a fuller understanding of the myth of JFK and the proper historical significance of his assassination can be considered, one must first acquire a thorough understanding of what exactly occurred on that fateful day, of the true nature of the perpetrators and participants involved and, of the social and political agendas that were subsequently well-served.

Collectively, all of these elements represent the keystone unlocking the secrets of the rigged, actor based reality, and why this grand concept has been so successful at psychologically dominating the minds of the masses throughout the modern era.
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Comrade Putin no stranger to Tinsel Town

Comrade Putin no stranger to Tinsel Town

Many who encounter the information reported at Newsspell for the first time may begin to think the author is in dire need of a one way ticket to the nearest mental health facility.

The information to follow shall certainly do nothing to dispel that notion.

Nevertheless, the author invites loyal readers and newcomers alike to conduct their own investigations, if only to corroborate, augment, or even counter one’s hypotheses.

After all, one should never accept at face value any information, whether delivered through the conduit of the mainstream media or discovered here. The real purpose of Newsspell is to encourage critical and individual thought, and to encourage skepticism at every turn, no matter how uncomfortably that may jostle delicate sensibilities. Discovering and reporting the truth as one understands it is never a safe endeavor.

The pursuit of and engagement with the unfettered process of free thought has become the terminal enemy of what has been termed “political correctness”, and seeking the truth in a world grown comfortable with lies reinforced by ham fisted, social behavioral modifications one often finds to be quite a solitary endeavor – but, so be it.

To say the very least, what one shall soon observe is truly stunning and controversial – and perhaps, even inconceivable.

Nevertheless – shall we proceed?
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