Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part I

Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part I

What if, one of your favorite award-winning celebrity personalities, belonging to the world of popular music and Hollywood entertainment, was discovered to be a European royal family member in disguise?

Would you believe it?

Or, would you scoff and ignore what appeared to be an absurd assertion, even if such a conclusion were proved to be supported by both corroborative and empirically-based evidence?

If hypothetically, your first impulse were to tend toward the latter rather than the former scenario, you shouldn’t become overly disturbed. Those unfamiliar with the sinister nature of the phenomenon we’ve come to identify as Post-Modern Reality Simulation are often prone – at least at first – to impulsively revolt against what might appear as absurd notions.

Though we have already examined the biographical history of the Oscar-winning Hollywood actor known as “Al Pacino” and were able to identify him as the host actor behind the mask of one of the music and entertainment industry’s most legendary figures, Bruce Springsteen, we are about to discover yet another iconic music industry character portrayed by the same man – a well-known performer of popular music – who rose to prominence during the 1960’s as the lead guitarist of one of the most influential and successful British pop and rock acts.

But behind the mask of these legendary characters is disguised a certain European royal, a well-recognized prince who – under the guise of the name “Al Pacino” – also portrayed two of the most memorable characters known to the history of Hollywood cinema, Michael Corleone, and the mad Cuban drug lord, Tony Montana.

More incredibly folks, during the course of the following pair of instalments, we will also discover an interconnecting and intriguing web of connections. between the host actor of “Al Pacino”, a legendary guitarist from the Rolling Stones, a very prominent European royal family and a mythological princess who, though alleged to have died, remains still very much alive! Continue reading “Michael Corleone a royal Rolling Stone? Part I”



As promised in part IV, one shall continue to examine connections between members of the classic pop act the Rolling Stones and British royalty. Many, will no doubt consider the ultimate conclusion as to the true identity behind the host actor portraying Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards as pure absurdity. One supposes, that outcome alone, is truly testament to the global media sorcerer’s mastery of hypnotic power of suggestion. And yet, it is that very spellbinding power of media hypnosis, chiefly prevents the general public from ever thinking too critically in attempting to examine celebrity biographies. In the case of Keith Richards, even the most cursory of analysis reveals gross biographical anomalies. Often, one doesn’t consider blindness until the blindfold has been removed and thoroughly discarded.

Now, one shall attempt to permanently remove the mask, that for over the star spangled course of a hit making career spanning fifty years, has so well managed to obscure the true identity of one of pop musics most charismatic, and in many ways, enigmatic characters.

One may be shocked to discover, the true identity of the rock legend known as Keith Richards, has been hiding in plain sight for decades.   Continue reading “ACTORS IN HISTORY’s GRAND STAGE PLAY (part V)”