Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Hollywood Impostor?

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Hollywood Impostor?

America isn’t the only country which has actors starring as its most visible public figures. It turns out this, too, is the case with Canada, America’s neighbor to the north.

Upon further examination, “Justin Trudeau”, Canada’s Prime Minister, is an actor, and a hidden family relation of an American congresswoman, who also happens to be the democratic speaker of America’s not so hallowed House of Representatives.

Justin’s family has genealogy in common with that of the Seymour family of the British peerage, and connections to one of America’s most influential media figures, Henry Luce, who once said, “the twentieth century will be the American century.”

How did Henry know this?

Not only was Henry a high-degree freemason, but his family’s genealogical connections to royal and noble peerage made him privy to the long-term social and political agendas of the thirteen families, the majority stockholders and hidden founders of the US corporation and, also Canada. Continue reading “Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Hollywood Impostor?”

Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part X)

Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part X)

What do an 1980’s American exercise icon, a Hollywood actress, and a famous congressional representative from the sunshine state of California have in common?

Why, a great deal, it turns out.

One fact bears repeating; all politicians at the highest levels are portrayed by actors.

And, in the case of Nancy Pelosi, congressional representative from the sunshine state of California, this certainly proves to be no exception.

While the elite ruling families continue to manufacture ruses to rob the proletariat of their tax dollars, the common man, in the hope that something, anything, may change in their particular favor, chooses to keep voting for clowns donned in make-up and prosthetic disguises. These actors are hired by the ruling elite families to act as proxies to aid and abet in the perpetuation of their criminal economic and political pyramid scheme.

These actors, while posing as the people’s so-called political representatives, are both liars and frauds.

Believe it, folks. Continue reading “Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part X)”