A Trip Down Elton’s Yellow Brick Road

A Trip Down Elton’s Yellow Brick Road

Sorry folks, but the author duly apologizes for making his loyal readers wait for so long between installments. Though it may be the Christmas season, rest assured, in lieu of unwrapping gifts, one has been busy with a novel’s manuscript draft which shall soon become a new science fiction/alternative history/thriller, slated for release on Amazon in May 2019, entitled Sky Parlor.

Oh, and of course, one has also been diligently compiling research for this latest installment which shall, no doubt, garner its share of vitriol from naïve naysayers, paid shills, and garden variety online gang stalkers.

Yes folks, Elton John, perhaps the most iconic of classic rock and pop show stoppers, is not who you think he is. Though his considerable musical gifts cannot be denied, there exists copious empirical evidence the man known as Elton has spent decades leading the general public down the yellow brick road, straight to the man behind the curtain who pulls the levers of the music and entertainment industries.

Only, no one has bothered to pull back the curtain and dared to look, that is until now. Continue reading “A Trip Down Elton’s Yellow Brick Road”

Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part X)

Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part X)

What do an 1980’s American exercise icon, a Hollywood actress, and a famous congressional representative from the sunshine state of California have in common?

Why, a great deal, it turns out.

One fact bears repeating; all politicians at the highest levels are portrayed by actors.

And, in the case of Nancy Pelosi, congressional representative from the sunshine state of California, this certainly proves to be no exception.

While the elite ruling families continue to manufacture ruses to rob the proletariat of their tax dollars, the common man, in the hope that something, anything, may change in their particular favor, chooses to keep voting for clowns donned in make-up and prosthetic disguises. These actors are hired by the ruling elite families to act as proxies to aid and abet in the perpetuation of their criminal economic and political pyramid scheme.

These actors, while posing as the people’s so-called political representatives, are both liars and frauds.

Believe it, folks. Continue reading “Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part X)”