NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part XI)

NASA scam is taxpayer black hole (Part XI)

This installment is directed at those still holding on to the childish notion that NASA’s alleged space missions are legitimate. On this occasion, one shall also demonstrate connections between NASA, the United Nations’ globally mandated Agenda 21 program, Hollywood and the NFL.

Yes folks, you have indeed read that correctly – a connection between NASA and the NFL.

Although these organizations may appear to have been created for different purposes, both are in fact tied together as collective gears in the colossal, spinning wheel of the globally consolidated commercial system of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Though each organization may appear to be different, loyal readers shall soon discover that each plays a specialized, but no less significant role in conditioning the masses to keep them working, buying, consuming and, held permanently and obediently in line with the effective utilization of Hollywood-styled, mass targeted psychological warfare.
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Honesty not Harry S. Truman’s best policy

Honesty not Harry S. Truman’s best policy

Turns out folks, 33rd US president Harry S. Truman was likely someone other than what American history texts claim. In fact, it also turns out, Ronald Reagan was not the first Hollywood actor to serve as US president. But, as loyal readers also know, Ronny Ray Gun wasn’t exactly who or what he claimed to be either (Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XI). 

In fact, regarding the former small-time haberdashery proprietor who was transformed into history’s most unlikely epic figure, merely observing the number 33 in the opening sentence of this installment likely signals to those among the most astute of one’s loyal readers there may be something truly amiss about the late Harry Truman.

They would be correct.

On this occasion, not only did the trail of one’s research wind back to our old friend, Hollywood mogul Barry Diller, but lead straight to Mister Diller’s father, Michael.

The first clue that Harry S. Truman was not who history claims, existed with an inherent problem with his middle initial, which according to established, mainstream biographies apparently stands for – wait for it folks – absolutely nothing of any significance whatsoever.

From there, one began to reason that yet another actor in history’s grand stage play had been identified, and that the entire moniker of Harry S. Truman may be a manufactured pseudonym.

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What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part III)

What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part III)

Though the revelations included in the first pair of installments concerning the JFK assassination may have seemed shocking enough, there exists more to be revealed.

On this occasion, one shall first examine the alleged romantic entanglement between the late JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and his surviving Soviet defector, Marina Oswald.

Then, one shall reexamine the identity of the slain president’s host actor.

Suffice to say folks, though the American people have been held spellbound by the official, mainstream narrative of the JFK assassination for decades, that spell is about to be broken – forever.

Before a fuller understanding of the myth of JFK and the proper historical significance of his assassination can be considered, one must first acquire a thorough understanding of what exactly occurred on that fateful day, of the true nature of the perpetrators and participants involved and, of the social and political agendas that were subsequently well-served.

Collectively, all of these elements represent the keystone unlocking the secrets of the rigged, actor based reality, and why this grand concept has been so successful at psychologically dominating the minds of the masses throughout the modern era.
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Squirrel Hill shooting: a security state infomercial?

Squirrel Hill shooting: a security state infomercial?

Loyal readers and regular visitors have by now no doubt recognized, that the MSM, when reporting on the latest government sponsored crisis simulation drill at Squirrel Hill synagogue, attempted to connect the event to other such prominent “live” exercises performed in the recent past.

No doubt too, everyone has noticed the prevalent social and political narratives that were sewn together into a neatly packaged and smoothly distributed all-purpose propaganda package.

There was one characteristic which differentiated Squirrel Hill from other so-called “live” crisis drills, however.

More than anything, and rather than making even the most vague attempt to solemnly prove a violent shooting had taken place at Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill Synagogue, the MSM’s coverage seemed to resemble a corporate infomercial, advertising the virtues of the continued establishment of the US corporate security state.

And although it was merely implied by the various crisis actors contracted by Homeland Security, this infomercial stressed the need for specific and greater security measures, despite the fact a spokesperson for Homeland Security stated Squirrel Hill had been visited in March of 2018 by agents from her department to perform various “security assessments” and also to instruct the local participants for a scheduled “live” crisis drill simulation.

Meaning folks, Homeland Security is actually telling the public that this recently reported “live” shooting at Squirrel Hill Synagogue, like the alleged Kennedy assassination, was performed and filmed months before and only presented to the public as a current events news story when deemed expediently necessary by the official principals and perpetrators.

Upon perusing CNN’s on-scene coverage of this event, one happened to have noticed that one of the most renowned and award-winning Hollywood actors had been a participant, an actor who the author positively identified as having formerly portrayed the 36th (3 6’s/666) US president.
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What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part II)

What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part II)

Upon making yet more startling discoveries having to do with the JFK assassination, one felt perhaps additional installments were necessary.

These new discoveries shall fully demonstrate, beyond shadow of doubt, the event known to American history as the JFK assassination was nothing more than a grand psychological operation executed in joint cooperation and on behalf of the ruling elite families by a major branch of the international intelligence octopus, CIA, army intelligence, and selected high-level masonic initiates of the American entertainment and music industries with royal European lineage.

Though it may seem inexplicable, perhaps even contradictory to what most have been conditioned to believe, sometimes the truth can be discovered from the most unlikely and unexpected of sources.

Oftentimes folks, Hollywood’s fantasy and fiction are utilized to conceal objective truth.

One only has to remain observant and attuned to what would have ordinarily remained hidden behind the veil of social and psychological programming and conditioning.

To break through to the other side, one must learn to read between the lines, as it were.

A reexamination of key scenes from Oliver Stone’s 1991 blockbuster Hollywood film production, JFK, has revealed fresh, significant discoveries, clues which most incredibly, were conspicuously left right out in the open but went unnoticed by the America public – until now, that is.

In fact, it has become abundantly clear Oliver Stone AKA Barry Diller AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg, in his efforts to produce a piece of epic cinema – though presented to the public in the guise of speculative fiction and rife with sinuous paths leading only to dead ends of misdirection, disinformation and melodramatic sensationalism – has perhaps wittingly provided the general public with a direct road map to the truth.

Considering director Stone’s (play on words through created pseudonym=masonic cornerstone) genuine identity, it is clear the criminal ruling elite’s, either out of arrogance or as a method of mocking the conditioned naivete of the general public, cannot help but leave their signatures or fingerprints behind as clues.

Also, while recently reexamining the characters of John F. Kennedy’s First Lady Jaclyn Onassis and, Oswald’s alleged Russian mistress Marina with fresh eyes, one has managed to unearth yet more stunning discoveries and the presence of host actors whose names will appear most familiar to loyal readers and regular visitors.

Stay tuned folks, for one believes plausible answers to the mysteries that have for so long been buried deep beneath the mainstream and accepted narrative of this most legendary historical event can now be revealed. Continue reading “What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part II)”

What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald?

What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald?

Most would think the answer to the question posed in this installment’s headline would be obvious.

“Well like duh, Mr. Newsspell,” one can hear skeptics collectively howl, “everyone in America saw Oswald get shot on TV by that Ruby feller from the nightclub!”

And indeed, so you may have thought that was the case.

But Jack Ruby’s brutal murder of Oswald, as one shall soon attempt to explain, was a masonic ritual, performed no less, on live television, symbolically signifying the metaphorical process of death and rebirth. And, as loyal readers are well-cognizant, those characters participating in the phenomenon known as the actor based reality have a penchant for such seemingly miraculous transformations.

Indeed, the whole of recorded history consists of such magical transformations, of host actors portraying the roles of historical characters who, though they may die, are resurrected to live out another life under yet another fabricated pseudonym.

If anything has resulted from one’s research, it is this: history is merely a grand stage play, transforming the illusion of the magical into the mass consciousness of material reality.

The story of the historical character known as Lee Harvey Oswald is instructive if not, in its own way, begrudgingly enchanting. For it seems only in America could a man, cast as the lone gunman and accused of assassinating a president, proceed to become a celebrated host of perhaps the most popular prime time television show of its era! Continue reading “What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald?”

Kavanaugh scandal: media sorcerers gaslight America (Part II)

Kavanaugh scandal: media sorcerers gaslight America (Part II)

Could it be, Christine Blasey-Ford is not who or what she appears to be?

Upon performing a secondary observation of the recent sexual imbroglio involving American supreme court justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, one has managed to have made an interesting discovery. It appears the deception perpetrated upon the American general public concerning this event is deeper and more extensive than one could have initially imagined.

Then again, what else is to be expected from the mainstream media sorcerers?

Time and again, deception has proved to be the MSM’s foremost trade.

In a world ultimately governed by the smooth and unimpeded transactions of global commerce, such grand deceptions have proved most profitable for the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

However, the public has been subjected to just this type of deception before.

Such was demonstrated to be the case with global boogeyman Osama bin-Laden (See: 9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1), a computer generated image portrayed by American comedian and television star Jerry Seinfeld. Soon thereafter, Seinfeld went on to portray America’s two-term, 44th president Barack Obama while disguised behind layers of CGI masking (44/destruction code).

While viewing additional footage culled from recent MSM coverage of the Kavanaugh SJC nomination hearings, one managed to identify yet another former renowned comedian portraying a high-profile public personality.

It appears, from all empirical evidence thus far gathered, the identical or similar deceptions utilized to create US president Obama and Frankenstein 9/11 terrorist Osama were also employed in the recent media scandal involving the accuser of SJC nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey-Ford.

Have they no shame, folks?
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