Was The Price Worth It, Bob?

Was The Price Worth It, Bob?

Considering the wider scope of American popular culture and entertainment, television game shows – along with their close siblings daytime talk shows and soap operas – represent the lowest common denominator.

Nevertheless, there is a lot more to the former host of one of America’s longest running game shows, The Price is Right, than initially meets the eye.

Who is Bob Barker, and how is it he remained – for so long – America’s favorite and most beloved, if not premiere, game show host?

While possessing a smooth baritone resembling a trumpet muffled in silk accompanied by a gleaming smile and gregarious manner, Barker was, for decades, the gold standard against which all competitors in the business of game show hosts were measured.

Would you, therefore, become shocked to discover “Bob Barker” was yet another fabricated television character who was about as real as Mister T., the Six Million Dollar Man and Columbo (an installment on that television character is coming next – and is not to be missed!)? Continue reading “Was The Price Worth It, Bob?”

Freemasons Sell Nipsey’s Hustle To America

Freemasons Sell Nipsey’s Hustle To America

Once again, I would like to express my genuine gratitude to all the most recent followers and to all loyal readers who continue to visit Newsspell from around the globe.

By now, everyone has weighed in on the latest psychological operation sold to the public by the MSM involving the “late” music and entertainment figure “Nipsey Hussle.”

Perhaps it is more accurate to say, one has recently noticed a newly arrived batch of earnest YouTubers belonging to the targeted racial and socio-economic demographic of the “Nipsey Hussle” psychological operation who, while gaslighting the public with varying degrees of conspiratorial disinformation, demonstrate a single- minded capacity to indulge in outright emotionally driven absurdities.

The most prevalent disinformation being peddled – mirroring the sort of hackneyed conspiracies of “multiple shooters” that cropped up in the wake of the “JFK assassination” hoax – appears to seed the impression in the targeted audience’s collective consciousness the victim’s death came about as the direct result of a conspiratorial murder plot orchestrated and executed under the direction and with the tacit consent of the US government.

The latter part is at least correct, just not in the manner so expressed.

But every disinformation campaign must be centered by a locus of truth.

The former idea however – that there were actual deaths – is verifiably false.

Nevertheless, such media spinning is necessary and essential for the official narrative promulgated by the MSM and those carefully selected hosts of YouTubers posing as alternative news researchers to retain any semblance of psychologically destructive potency.

Surely, those who frequently visit have noticed the obvious masonic coding and symbolism associated with this event. What seemingly no one has addressed is the “late” artist’s association with two other famous entertainers/Freemasons, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and Roc Nation Productions.

These represent overlooked connections which, when explored further, reaped immediate and rather unexpected revelations.

Perhaps just as remarkably, one has observed there may be evidence those among the general public who are normally predisposed to unquestioningly regurgitating as “fact” any widely disseminated narrative fed to them through the corporately owned conduits of the MSM now – perhaps for the first time – beginning to have doubts as to the validity of the MSM’s widely promoted “news” narratives.

While that may be encouraging, there is also evidence many well-intentioned alternative news researchers have missed the true symbolic/occult gist of this event.

Many more – disappointingly – seem intent on simply spinning their own embellishments of the prevailing MSM narrative.

All of this disinformation and narrative spinning on the part of both the MSM and most alternative media researchers is designed to keep public perceptions within the firm parameters of only entertaining there were actual deaths when, in fact, what occurred was yet another theatrically designed psychological operation performed and coordinated by the cooperative efforts of the masonic police guilds, the MSM, Hollywood and the music entertainment industry assisted by high-ranking freemason intelligence agents.

In truth folks, the exoteric superficialities of the mainstream narrative were once again used to conceal deeply occulted symbolism. But those among the highest ranks of the freemasonic order are prone to arrogantly assume the general public will always interpret the public display of their symbolic death rituals as genuine news events.

As for Nipsey Hussle’s alleged assailant, 29 year-old (2=9=11/masonic pillars/2X9=18/666/2 9’s/2 6’s occult mirrored reversal/12/21/777 intelligence joker code) “Eric Holder” (sums in English Ordinal gematria to 97 and reduces to 7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/9X7=/63/6=3=9/6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/6X3=18/666//97 sums to 173 in Reverse Ordinal and 56 Reverse Full Reduction/11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/7X11=77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation), his suicided 13 year-old brother (13/summit of the masonic pyramid) and two cousins (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) allegedly murdered by vengeful “gang” associates of the deceased, it turns out, all of them were active and willing participants in a masonic death charade and are closely related to rap music superstar Snoop Dogg.

The man identified as “Nipsey Hussle,” the martyred music star, was also a symbolic but active participant; a character scripted for a masonic death and rebirth ritual portrayed by a host actor who, until as recently as 2016, was also known as a “highly controversial” professional athlete.

Yes folks, the story of “Nipsey Hussle” represents one very deep rabbit hole.   Continue reading “Freemasons Sell Nipsey’s Hustle To America”

The Hollywood “Duke” Goes To Washington

The Hollywood “Duke” Goes To Washington

Though the subject of this installment isn’t what loyal readers were expecting or hoping to see, rest assured, a Newsspell exclusive concerning the Nipsey Hussle event – with an angle no other alternative news source has explored – will be published very soon.

And while remembering patience is a virtue folks, you won’t want to miss this!

Meanwhile however, is there anyone out there who still doesn’t believe most of the politicians “elected” as either representatives, senators and even presidents aren’t actors?

Before addressing the definitive answer to that question, consider that the US government is a corporation; its primary business and fiduciary responsibility is to serve the commercial interests of its major stockholders, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. The government’s profit is drawn from the collection of taxes, and the employment of experienced actors has become the most surefire method to ensure the public is perpetually convinced greater tax expenditures are always necessary to solve “problems” that are routinely manufactured solely for the sake of monetary exploitation.

Most likely, a number of one’s loyal readers may not be familiar with the former American congressional Speaker of the House of Representatives from the state of Massachusetts, “Tip O’Neill”.

Nevertheless, the story of his long career as a political actor in the nation’s capitol is remarkable, because Mister O’Neill’s character is yet another pertinent example of the actor-based-reality.

Turns out, Mister “O’Neill” was portrayed by one of Hollywood’s most legendary screen actors.

Not only that folks, but the current governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, is also a character fabrication, and portrayed by a former high-profile television late-night talk show host who is also a well-known and award-winning Hollywood movie director. Continue reading “The Hollywood “Duke” Goes To Washington”

Christchurch Host To Crisis X Conference?

Christchurch Host To Crisis X Conference?

One should take this opportunity to once again thank those who have recently decided to become followers here at Newsspell.

For those looking for real alternative news, you’ve truly arrived – as they say – at the right place.

With this installment, one has discovered some remarkably revealing information that simply cannot be denied by even those – often without cause and lacking significant counter argument – who scoff at the concept of crisis actors or cast derision at the concept of the actor based reality as wholly inconceivable.

Despite the pejorative criticisms of knee-jerk detractors overly stricken with the plague of puerile political correctness or either hopeless insipidity, what follows should count as irrefutable proof that the world is being deliberately hoaxed and emotionally manipulated into accepting the global dystopia of the UN’s Agenda 21 or “sustainable development” – or whatever tortured euphemistic moniker the ruling elites decide to call the brand of futuristic tyranny they have planned for the masses of humanity going forward. Remarkably, and with the full knowledge of local officials including the mayor, it has come to one’s attention that the municipality of Christchurch, New Zealand played host to a conference featuring keynote speakers from a public relations and crisis management company called Crisis X.

Apparently, the Crisis X conference was fully attended and consecutively convened on March 4th and the 5th, ten days before the alleged lone gunman attacks on the Al-Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Center on the 15th of March, 2019.

Strap yourselves in folks, this amusement ride promises to become quite bumpy. Continue reading “Christchurch Host To Crisis X Conference?”

The Rockefellers and Their Phony Feminists

The Rockefellers and Their Phony Feminists

With all the divisive and volcanic rhetoric bandied about concerning the issue of gender-identity and gender politics, this installment shall prove especially noteworthy, and as usual, perhaps even controversial.

But as loyal readers have surely come to learn, the sinister concept of political correctness – due to its deceptively Orwellian nature – merely represents a barrier to penetrative analysis and ultimately, free thought.

Any such barriers deserve to be utterly smashed to bits.

What if one was to learn that the radical feminist ideology and its recent offshoot movements currently tearing the West asunder (i.e. #MeToo, Times Up, etc. etc.), were artificially created for ulterior commercial purposes and upon false premises, and that some of the earliest and most staunch proponents of this paradigm changing social movement during the era of the 1970’s were nothing more than artificially created social agitators spewing lines from a script handed to them by a queue of intelligence masters at Langley.

Furthermore, what if a case could be made that renowned feminists Claire Booth Luce, Gloria Steinem and Dame Rebecca West –  the first of which was a figure from Hollywood’s golden era while the latter two were European royalty in disguise – were portrayed by actors and all continue to be an integral part of the maintenance of the post-modern phenomenon known as the actor-based-reality?

Moreover, what if it could be determined beyond shadow of doubt that all were characters and in fact nothing more than straw parties – a trio of theatrical props set up and funded by that ubiquitous and prominent family of merchant bankers, the Rockefellers – designed to carry out the sinister objectives of an agenda clandestinely driven by the ulterior and commercially profitable motivations of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families?

Stay tuned folks, as we once again dare to tear the veil of illusion aside, and proceed to cast the detritus of imposed popular perceptions into the four winds.

Oh, and there is a Sandy Hook connection!

Continue reading “The Rockefellers and Their Phony Feminists”

Is Christchurch’s “Abdul Aziz” A Familiar “Hero”?

Is Christchurch’s “Abdul Aziz” A Familiar “Hero”?

Have you ever observed a familiar face, and though perhaps at first it may have been difficult to accurately place, further examination of the facial geometry proved fruitful?

Such became the case with the identity of the latest “hero” heralded by the MSM – “Abdul Aziz”.

Turns out folks, you’ve seen “Abdul” in action before, and posed in the role of another heroic figure.

Does the following image appear familiar?


That’s right, folks, the image displayed above is from a mass casualty event back on April 15, 2013 (a total of 2,160 days between the event in Christchurch/9/6 occult mirrored reversal/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) that came to be known as the “Boston Bombing”, and the man observed in the foregournd of the image, Carlos Arrendondo – the man donned in the ten gallon cowboy hat – was heralded by the MSM as the “hero” of the day.

Would it surprise one’s loyal readers to learn that “Carlos” AKA “Abdul” was also heralded as the “hero” by the MSM after the latest mass casualty event staged in Christchurch, New Zealand?

What shall soon be revealed is the genuine identity of “Carlos” or “Abdul”, the host actor behind the mask of the character, an actor and entertainer well-known to fans of 1970’s classic rock and pop music the world over. Continue reading “Is Christchurch’s “Abdul Aziz” A Familiar “Hero”?”

Shotgun Willie Goes Down in Flames

Shotgun Willie Goes Down in Flames

Moving forward from the dawn of the early 20th century, the establishment of Hollywood’s illusion factory created what came to be known as the American Dream, a mass distributed display of dazzling images that usurped any attempt made at an objective material perception of the genuine America.

One remains hopeful, however, that while a majority still remain in thrall to Hollywood’s spell-casting visions, that the information discovered here at Newsspell will continue to utterly grind such grand monuments as have been erected upon the foundation of the public’s mind to wind-blown dust.

Country and Western music star Willie Nelson has always been known as an “outlaw”, the celebrated culmination of a stellar but unorthodox entertainment career, a man who brawled his way to fame and fortune and, in the mythical vein of Frank Sinatra, did it his way.

The following information provided in this installment however, shall surely dispel any such mythical notions, demonstrating that Nelson’s reputation as an “outlaw” is yet another Hollywood concocted superficiality designed to generate profits rather than reflect any genuine iconoclasm. Continue reading “Shotgun Willie Goes Down in Flames”