Citadel of Mirrors, a science-fiction/supernatural/suspense/thriller – the exciting new novel from Newsspell’s best-selling author Stephen C. Perkins –  is ready to go live – with both e-book and print editions – before Christmas of 2020!

Meanwhile, everyone can read the book’s intriguing description and see the exciting new cover!

Also, everyone will get to see a short excerpt  from the first chapter!

UPDATE: Now everyone has an opportunity to view the brand new book trailer!

BOOK DESCRIPTION: CITADEL OF MIRRORS (copyright 2020/Stephen C. Perkins)

Sophia Goldwater will become America’s first woman president…

There’s only one problem: ‘Sophia’ isn’t exactly human!

But neither is the man maneuvering to get her into the White House!

From the vivid memory of someone who tragically died young – a beautiful girl he once loved – Jamal Hamilton, a brilliant inventor and young entrepreneurial protege, triumphs in bringing the dead back to life.

Jamal soon discovers a powerful cabal of men – led by Thomas Franklin Bateman, CEO of Abaddon Security Group – maneuvering to acquire his groundbreaking technology for their own sinister purposes.

Amid a dangerous game of life and death and while finally compromised into a perilous corner by Bateman and Abaddon, Jamal agrees to share his marvelous creation with the world.

But when ‘Sophia Goldwater’ becomes unable to control her covetous desires for fame, riches, and power, and she is willing to remove anyone obstructing her path to the American presidency, will Jamal find the strength to destroy his beloved creation to save America and the world from Abaddon’s abominable conspiracy?

Citadel of Mirrors - 3D


Copied by permission, copyright 2020 Star Born Publishing LLC

Excerpt: Chapter 1

The past, the future, vanished with a breath of mist. There was only an everlasting moment of utter terror. It was a world bled dry of any truth worth dying for. It was a world where lies had become virtue. It was a world where cowardice was exalted as bravery, weakness as heroic. It was a world where life was simulated, programmed, drained of any significant meaning. It was a world where the only church, religion, or god was the state, where a daring few – defiant against dogma – were shamed, shunned, branded as heretics.

Ghoulish phantoms, spectral glimmers, crept like dark cloaked thieves along sinuous alleys. The city – smothered beneath tombstone pillars of fog – grew corpse still, sarcophagus silent. Hollow eyed wraiths, aimless, isolated, afraid to live, and even more afraid of dying, shuffled in silence along darkened streets.

Menacing raven black drones swarmed. A helicopter dipped and dove like a dragon fly skimming muddy water. Beneath dusk’s ghostly wafer of an emerging moon, loomed the summit of a mountainous glass structure. Hovering, the ‘copters rotor blades churned in a hypnotic whir. For a perilous moment, while the purring vehicle descended toward the circular helipad, colored in bright crimson, the two passengers aboard felt the jackhammer pound of surging blood.

The shorter of the two passengers – while scratching his bulbous nose – scoffed in a biting tone.

“There it is. The Abaddon Tower. LA Times called it the ‘Citadel of Mirrors’.”

“The tallest structure, in all LA,” replied the taller passenger, “Maybe, the entire world.”

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