Though volumes have been written about the renowned occultist, Alistair Crowley, the nature of his true identity has remined shrouded in mystery.

Turns out, all along, whatever magical powers were attributed to Crowley were not mysterious, nor did they derive from a supernatural source. His genuine magic derived from his chameleon-like ability to fool the public, for so long, while hiding behind the mask of a former and historically celebrated British Prime Minister.

If anything can be attributed to Crowley, it is far better and more accurate to say, he was the godfather of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Not surprisingly, the legend of Alistair Crowley was portrayed by the bastard son of a British royal. A man who would not only go on to portray Crowley’s host actor, but become one of the 20th century’s most lauded historical figures.

Legends persist on the foundational strength of their supporting narratives.

In the case of the renowned and influential occultist, Alistair Crowley, there exist few supporting narratives which are considered more legendary.

While Crowley’s legend is beyond dispute, it exists largely – if not completely – as an historical fabrication. While Crowley may have been posed as a terrifying and mysterious man of supernatural powers who congressed with otherworldly spirits – perhaps, it is so rumored, with even the devil himself – his legendary reputation was sculpted solely from the malleable clay of  authoritative historical suggestion, perception management, and narrative repetition.

Such is the art of legend making.

It turns out, folks, “Alistair Crowley” was not, contrary to what the narration from the video, displayed above, so claims, a “genius”.

In truth, there exists a more fitting description for the “Great Beast”.

It would be more accurate to say, Crowley – like the renowned figure of vintage British theater, the man of one-thousand faces, Alec Guinness – was nothing more than a clever and highly-skilled character actor.

Though Crowley’s host actor existed in the flesh, his historical characterization consisted merely of images which were augmented by tales borne of pure sensationalism.

Images – as Crowley himself and other occultists admitted – whether broadcasted through the medium of television or cinema, represent the colorful potions from which the sorcerer conjures his magic spells. When those images cease to conjure forth the desired psychological effects, the sorcerer knows, he no longer possesses the power to cast his spells.

Though Crowley is oftentimes depicted as a menacing historical figure, objective analysis indicates the libertine “Great Beast”, while fortunate to have been gifted with the proverbial silver spoon of royal primogeniture, in truth, was about as terrifying as Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster puppet.


As usual, we begin our investigation by thoroughly examining what are officially considered to be the biographies of the subject-at-hand. The first clue with which we are provided of Crowley’s royal emanations derive from his biographers, who tell us the “Great Beast” was born to a “wealthy family” in ‘Royal’ Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England. It is alleged, early on in his life, Crowley openly rejected the religious influence of his parents’ “fundamentalist Christian Plymouth Brethren”.

After attending classes at Trinity College at the University of Cambridge, Crowley is said to have endeavored to become a poet and a mountaineer. Though many historians deny Crowley was recruited for MI5, the British Intelligence agency, while matriculating at Cambridge, there exist many other sources which claim otherwise.

It is highly likely, operatives of the international intelligence octopus were responsible for creating as well as perpetuating the narrative and character conversion scheme which came to be known as the “Great Beast Alistair Crowley”.

Undoubtedly, Crowley’s story has served as a colossal misdirection, designed to sidetrack and distract researchers and those seeking information from non-mainstream and alternative sources.

In truth, the legendary story of “Alistair Crowley” represents what is tantamount to an historical booby trap, a grand epic which, over the numerous decades, has been successful at beckoning scores – seduced by Crowley’s tales of wanton bohemianism and bamboozling menagerie of mystical mumbo jumbo – to become forever locked behind the incarcerating bars of its inescapable narrative cage.

In retrospect, Crowley’s larger-than-life persona became the standard template – with its hedonistic, narcissistic and, ultimately, infantilizing peace, love, and flower-power message – for the manufactured counter-culture social movement of the 1960’s.



Through Warwickshire, the alleged location of Crowley’s birth, flows the River Leam which, in turn, flows into the Warwickshire Avon, a left bank tributary of the River Severn.

Like Crowley, the River Severn has a legend of its own.

Reputed to be the longest river in Great Britain, running from England to Wales, its name is said to have historically emanated from the Celtic legend, of Sabrina, who drowned in the river.

The story of Sabrina, known as the nymph goddess of Severn, is featured in John Milton’s 1634 publication, called Comus, a work first presented to honor the 1st Earl of Bridgewater and Lord President of Wales, John Egerton, at Ludlow Castle.

Ludlow castle has a rich and interesting history, extending back to the 11th century, when it was founded by Walter de Lacy in 1075, shortly after the Norman invasion of England.

The history of Ludlow castle leads us to an important connection, to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, to Crown Temple, and to the Holy Roman Empire.


After Edward IV assumed the British throne in 1461, Ludlow castle passed into the ownership hands of Crown Temple, and was chosen as the seat of the Council in the Marshes of Wales, effectively acting as Wales’s capital.

Under the reign of George II – a monarch who not only belonged to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, but was also the official prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire –  Lord Clive, the king’s brother-in-law, sought to lease the property from Crown Temple in 1803.

George II was a Hanoverian, which genealogically links him – through George III – to Queen Victoria, George II’s great granddaughter and the so-called Last of the Hanoverians.

The Hanoverian line is also linked to Caroline Grimaldi, Princess of Hanover and of Monaco.

As loyal readers will surely recall, Caroline Grimaldi has a connection to the “Barbara Olson” affair on 9/11/2001.

SEE: 9/11 “victim” Barbara Olson still Alive?

The end of the long and celebrated reign of Victoria brings us to her eldest son, and to the Prince of Wales, Edward VII.

Edward, like Alistair Crowley, was known to lead a rather voraciously libertine lifestyle.

In modern parlance, folks, Edward was a playboy.

Edward’s numerous affairs were known to have been potentially scandalous and, as a result, genuine efforts went to extraordinary lengths to silence murmuring rumors of his many dalliances, and to keep word of them from ever coming into the hands of the notoriously scandal-mad British press.

One of Edward’s most notorious affairs was with an Irish actress, Nellie Clifden. According to Wikipedia, “‘coded’ notes in the Prince’s appointment book refer to trysts with ‘NC’ on 6, 9, and 11 September 1861.”

Coded, indeed.

Of course, everyone shall notice the numerological significance of the numbers alleged to have been discovered in Prince Edward’s notebook (6=33/6&9=black and white/masonic duality/11=twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin).

According to official biographies, as a young man, Edward harbored notions of chivalric military exploits, desires which his mother, Queen Victoria, strenuously vetoed. This detail is important when considering another historical figure synonymous with the Victorian period and the early stages of the 20th century, Theodore Roosevelt (more on Teddy Roosevelt and his distant cousin, FDR, will be shortly forthcoming).

Historians adamantly claim, of course, Teddy was the man who led his men in a valiant charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba during the Spanish-American war. Keep in mind, this is the same war which was started – as are all such combative contrivances – under dubious pretenses, with the sinking of the Maine battleship, a maritime method of psychological operation which would be repeated more than one-half century later at the Gulf of Tonkin and, again, with the sinking of the USS Liberty.

While in Ireland during the fall of 1861, ostensibly to attend a series of military maneuvers, Edward spent three nights with Clifden, whose presence was dutifully facilitated and kept hidden by British army officers.

When word passed to Edward’s father, the Queen’s consort, Albert, the prince excoriated his eldest son for his outrageous behavior and, then, according to Wikipedia, he died two weeks later.

Reportedly, the Queen herself was equally aghast at Edward’s dalliances, and while writing to her eldest daughter, shortly after Albert’s death, Victoria, the Empress of India, said of Edward, “I never can, or shall, look at him without a shudder.”

Apparently, even the outrage of his royal family elders didn’t deter Edward’s rakish demeanor. Turns out, Edward’s “tryst” with Clifden, the Irish actress, wasn’t the only affair the notorious playboy prince endeavored upon.

Later, Edward began an affair with a popular New York socialite, Lady Jennie Spencer,  which led to the illegitimate birth of one of the 20th century’s most renowned historical figures, and the man who would portray Alistair Crowley’s host actor.


Though wed to Princess Alexandra of Denmark, Edward embarked upon an affair with a New York socialite, Jennie Spencer, wife to a British statesman, Lord Randolph Churchill. Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill was the third child of John Spencer-Churchill, 7th Duke of Marlborough and Lady Frances Anne Vane.

Lady Jennie Spencer-Randolph Churchill:

Though official biographical chronicles tell us Lord Randolph sired two children with Lady Jennie Spencer – Jack and Winston Churchill – published images of Winston, as a child, appear to more closely resemble the facial geometry particular to Edward VII, rather than that of Lord Randolph.

Lord Randolph Churchill:

Young Winston Churchill:

Young Edward VII (Prince of Wales):

Furthermore, facial comparison analysis between images of Edward and a former president of the US, Theodore Roosevelt, turned up stunning similarities regarding facial geometry.

Edward VII:

Theodore Roosevelt:

Edward VII:

Theodore Roosevelt:

Such stunning revelations should come as no surprise to loyal readers.

Donald Trump, the incumbent and sitting US president, has been identified as Prince Stefano Grimaldi AKA Brian Williams, a European royal in disguise, who also happened to fake his death during the era of the 1980’s and, before becoming the character known as Donald Trump, portrayed the host actor behind the mask of former US president, the “late” George H.W. Bush.

Considering the verified results of image comparison, facial recognition, and ear biometric analysis, it becomes no coincidence to discover that Alistair Crowley’s given name “Edward” – though not often found publicized in print or otherwise – was, in fact, taken after his true biological father, King Edward VII.

SEE: Did Royals Fund Flat Earth Psychological Operation?

Regarding Theodore Roosevelt and his host actor, British King Edward VII, there exists yet another interesting factor to consider: the emoluments clause of the US constitution, also known as The Title of Nobility Clause, a provision found in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8.

The following is the exact text which appears written in the legal clause:

“No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, of Foreign State.”

For those having read the clause and are still baffled by the legalese, comperhension becomes quite a simple matter when one understands the genuine meaning of the terms written in the clause. It is important to point out, terms and words (mundane vernacular) are never synonymous.

The word “Person” refers to a corporation, a fictional legal entity subject to Crown Temple admiralty law. Therefore, by virtue of the fact an alternative identity or “Person” was created for Edward VII while assuming the identity of “Theodore Roosevelt”, he was able to skirt any legal technicalities stipulated by the Title of Nobility Clause of the US constitution and, simultaneously, strictly observe his oath as the sitting British monarch.

But now – as it were – for the coups d’état.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm that the man known to history as the “Great Beast”, and British politician, army officer, writer (just like his character conversion scheme, “Alistair Crowley”) and wartime British Prime Minister Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill are, in fact, one and the same.

Alistair Crowley:

Sir Winston Churchill:

Alistair Crowley:

Sir Winston Churchill:

Regarding this article’s doubts concerning Sir Winston’s biological origins, it appears, Wikipedia also admits “there has been speculation that Randolph was not his biological father.”

Although, one shall concede the quotation drawn from Wikipedia refers to doubts cast upon the biological origins of Winston’s brother, Jack, nevertheless, Wikipedia’s anecdotal notation only serves to underscore the author’s stated hypothesis.


Reportedly, Sir Winston and his spouse, Clementine Hozier, produced five children.

One of these, Randolph Churchill, like his distant relation Theodore Roosevelt, went on to become a wartime US president.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm Randolph Churchill was also known as four-time US president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

According to Wikipedia, Randolph received an MBE, an order of chivalry known as The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Apparently, like his distant relation, Teddy, he too was able to circumvent the emolument clause of the US constitution by assuming the fictional Personhood of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

Randolph Churchill:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

Randolph Churchill:














18 thoughts on “Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

  1. Happy Holiday to you. have you heard the theory that Crowley was Jack The Ripper!? his handwriting matches and he worked at a boy brothel in the area the murders happened and used the sewer system to escape.


    1. Happy holidays to you as well. Admittedly, have yet to look into Jack the Ripper. I believe, at least historically, those rumors have been attached to another member of Crowley’s royal family of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, grandson of Queen Victoria. However, that is a marvelous idea for future reference, and certainly fertile ground for further research.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. oh yes his connections to saxe-coburg-gotha cant forget that. yes i think further research would be great for a blog post. 🙂


  2. Finally someone exposed Crowley and his fluff. It confirms once again, like these masons are able to fool people with their deceptions. They are just masters of disguise.


    1. Yes, the highest degrees of freemasonry are masters of deception. There can be no doubt, both Sir Winston Churchill and his hidden father, Edward VII, were both high degree freemasons. The latter figure, Edward, as sitting monarch, became the master of the Grand Lodge in London and of the Order of the Garter. Furthermore, since I have already identified Adolph Hitler as Walt Disney AKA Kermit Roosevelt, this would mean the three principle historical figures of the second world war – Churchill, Hitler, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt – were all family members and shared royal genealogy with the ancient Grimaldi family and Saxe–Coburg-Gotha.
      That is quite some deception, indeed. As for Crowley, his manufactured persona served as the template for the 1960’s counter-culture credo of tune in, turn on, and drop out. Due to the wide promotion of this philosophy through the MSM – which Crowley’s family owned – the widespread hedonistic and moral relativistic psychological operation of sex, drugs, and rock and roll was able to influence and effect the social behaviors of every successive generation, mine included. It is also worthy of note, that images of Churchill’s children – other than Randolph – are not readily available online or to be found in any historical texts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, they play a infinite mind game with the masses, to ensnare and control them, the same myths and narratives always do repeat themselves like a mantra.


      2. Precisely. The history presented to the proletariat through the public school system is nothing more than a series of half-baked and fabricated narratives, bolstered by nothing more than psychological reinforcement and repetition.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. By the way, the next article shall deal with the Reverend Billy Graham – a Jesuit agent and popular television personality in disguise who once starred with Mary Tyler Moore, yet another disguised European royal.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’ve been researching Crowley since the blog’s inception. In truth, his life was nothing more than a series of images augmented by an intriguing and epic backstory. The thirteen families have created characters like this for centuries. This is the essence of the occult concept of alchemy; turning myths into perpetual images which are reflected and reinforced in the collective consciousness.


  3. Perpetual images, indeed. I should note, I think Charles Dickens’ affair with Nelly Ternan is a rip-off of Edward VII’s affair with Nellie Clifden. Both happened around the same time. Both were big scandals. Both involved actresses named Nelly. Dickens supposedly wrote “N” in his journal when meeting Nelly. Sounds like they duplicated Edward’s story on Dickens.


    1. These sorts of narrative’s do repeat themselves, only the character names – as you’ve so astutely pointed out – as well as the settings are altered. I’m also developing a theoretical notion, Dickens – like Crowley – was a hidden royal family member. Perhaps, that is a subject for another post. Confidentially, I’m reluctant to do so. Dickens was an early literary influence on my own development as a writer. Nevertheless, one must dare to tread wherever the path to truth shall lead.

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  4. Wish you a very happy new year whichever the real year it is. Do you think Edward vii also played JP Morgan & William Taft? They all look alike truly mind blowing.


    1. Regarding Morgan and Taft, though I haven’t looked into it, there exists a possibility your suggestion may be correct. There are rumors Morgan strictly prohibited photographers when he was out in public. This may deserve further research. There can be no doubt, the Roosevelts and the Rockefellers are historical fabrications, veils for various European royals and the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha as well as others hailing from the Grimaldi of Monaco and the Orsini of Rome. I believe this was done to hide the fact – though generation have been educated to believe otherwise – America is and always has been, from its inception, merely a corporate subsidiary of the Crown Temple in London.


    1. Brilliant, and very well done. Not only do I happen to think, there’s no doubt Churchill served as Crowley’s host actor, but his hidden father, Edward VII, also portrayed Teddy Roosevelt. I’ve also done an article about Harry Truman, the man who succeeded Roosevelt in the oval office. He was another hidden European royal of the Austro-German von Furstenberg family, Egan von Furstenberg AKA Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart, the hidden father of Ike Eisenhower AKA Hollywood mogul Barry Diller. My research into Crown Temple in the City of London indicates these family’s are the majority stockholders of the American corporation, which exists as a commercial joint stock venture, a corporate subsidiary controlled by the Vatican city state which, in turn, is controlled by the Jesuit order.

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