Since, it has been empirically demonstrated US President Donald Trump is a European royal in disguise (Prince Stefano Casiraghi of Monaco), it should also come as no surprise, to one’s loyal readers, the proceedings to impeach the sitting president of the US corporation are fraudulent as well.

In fact, it shall be proved, the congressional “impeachment” proceedings are nothing more than a grand Hollywood-styled production; a prime example of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

One of the emerging stars of this production, Congressman Matt Gaetz, has shown, on several occasions, a penchant for openly feuding with the Democratic Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler.

Their puerile but amusing feuds are part of the Hollywood script.

Believe it or not, folks, both the Democratic chairman and the star Republican Congressman from Florida are major Hollywood stars in disguise.

Based solely upon first impressions, the fact no one has bothered to notice the genuine Hollywood identity of Florida’s freshman congressional representative “Matt Gaetz” is surprising.

But those numbered among one’s loyal readers know, the author at Newsspell can always be relied upon.

While watching the video, displayed above, featuring a performance from Florida representative “Matt Gaetz”, take care to notice the nuance, timbre, and tone of the voice.

Does the sound of the voice from Representative Matt Gaetz seem familiar?

If not, it should be.

Shockingly, or, perhaps not, the unvarnished and unmistakable vocal qualities of Gaetz’s host actor have not been altered in post-production.

Nevertheless, “Gaetz” has proved his ability to put on a very entertaining show.

Given Gaetz’s genuine identity, his stellar performance(s) should not come as any surprise, and when the true identity of the Florida congressional representative’s host actor is finally revealed, each of you will no longer wonder why this should be so.

Behind the masked disguise of “Matt Gaetz” is one of Hollywood’s most renowned, award-winning, and both publicly and critically acclaimed actors.

Not only that, folks, but the Democratic impeachment committee chairman, Jerry Nadler, is also a character conversion scheme, a product of Post-Modern Reality Simulation

In the following video clip, you can see Nadler (D-NY) taking a nap on the floor of the congressional committee.

Yes folks, the “Trump” congressional impeachment proceedings are nothing more than a television production.

Meanwhile, the Crown Temple in City of London and their shiftily maneuvering masonic minions have things well-in-hand.


When examining the official biographies of Mathew Louis Gaetz II, there are a number of telltale numerological markers which become readily apparent. The first sign of overt gematria we encounter is the congressman’s officially listed age of 37 which, of course, is equivalent to the 777 joker code of the international intelligence octopus, controlled by the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate.

Secondarily, there is the congressman’s official birth date of May 7 (5th month + 7= 12/21/777).

Officially, Gaetz assumed incumbent office on January 3, 2017 (33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Gaetz’s official place of birth is listed as – wait for it, folks – HOLLYWOOD, Florida.

Yes, the biographers assigned to the yeoman tasks of stitching together the narrative mosaics of Post-Modern Reality Simulation derive their perverse amusement from deliberately leaving such conspicuous clues behind.


Gaetz’s official biographers also inform us, he was formally educated at the College of William and Mary. Founded in 1693 by letters patent of King William III and Queen Mary II, William and Mary is the second oldest such institution of university higher learning in the US, behind that of Harvard University.

William and Mary’s current chancellor is, interestingly enough, Robert Gates, the former Secretary of Defense and Director of Central Intelligence. Undoubtedly, Gates’s proximity to the Jesuit controlled company in Langley implies, he knows well the genuine identity lurking behind the character modification scheme currently known to the American general public as, the freshman congressional representative from the state of Florida, “Matt Gaetz”.

Regarding Robert Gates, after his tenure with the CIA, he was named chancellor of Texas A&M. Loyal readers may recall, Texas University was the site of one of the nation’s first mass shooting simulations, back in the 1960’s; a CIA-generated production which starred former NFL star Alex Karras AKA “Charles Whitman” as the murderous culprit. Both the campuses of Texas A&M as well as Texas University, for decades, have represented breeding grounds for prospective CIA agent recruits.

SEE: All along the black magic clock tower

As for Willliam and Mary, not only was it established by letters patent issued by City of London’s Crown Temple, it also served as the educator of many of America’s founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, John Tyler, and even Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall.

All of these renowned American historical figures were esquires and sworn members of the middle temple of City of London’s Crown Temple.

Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, the history of the college’s establishment is insightfully revelatory, and profoundly germane to the hidden or occult nature of the sovereignty of the United States.


During William and Mary’s inception in 1693, according to Wikipedia, “the college was given a seat in the House of Burgesses and it was determined the college would be supported by tobacco taxes and export duties on firs and animal skins.”

Before delving into the significance of that quote, Wikipedia offers us more examples of gematria coding directly related to William and Mary’s inception during the 17th century.

“The college acquired a 330 acres (1.3km) parcel for a new school, 8 miles (13 km) from Jamestown.” Surely, everyone noticed the ubiquitous presence of the number 33 (high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) as well as the number 13 which, represents the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. And, we shouldn’t forget the number 8 (aces and eights/Saturn/mark of the Jesuits).

As for the House of Burgesses, their existence holds a great historical significance, not only as it relates to the establishment of William and Mary but to the inception of the US corporation, and to the true nature of its sovereignty. According to Wikipedia, “from 1642 to 1776, the House of Burgesses was an instrument of gevernment alonside the royally-appointed colonial governor and the upper-house Council of State in the General Assembly.”

The manner in which this ‘instrument of government’ is couched by Wikipedia implies a distinct impression is being purposely formulated. It seems, they wish to establish the impression, the House of Burgesses was left dormant when Virginia Colony declared its independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

But this historical conception is misleading.

According to the terms and conditions of 1783’s Treaty of Peace, though King George III granted the American people their independence in 1776, America was still a Crown Temple colony, as it still is to-this-day. In essence, the Treaty of Peace stated the king was the Crown Temple’s arch treasurer, just as Queen Elizabeth II is still the Crown Temple’s arch treasurer today.

This is why, to-this-day, all titles to tenant land ownership are legally granted by the sitting British monarch on behalf of City of London’s Crown Temple, and subject to taxes and liens at the pleasure of the sitting monarch, on behalf of Crown Temple.

The governor of each state (a “state” is legally an estate of Crown Temple, the allodial title holders) is a proxy tax collector working on behalf of Crown Temple and, also by proxy, a chief administrator of Crown Temple admiralty law. The people, as corporations, are subject(s) to Crown Temple and its taxes, liens, and global admiralty system of law.

Historically speaking, the House of Burgesses, in the state of Virginia, was one such proxy legal entity of the Crown Temple, collecting tobacco taxes through the Jamestown corporate entity, a corporate subsidiary of Crown Temple. Still today, the president of the US corporation is merely Crown Temple’s administrative representative, the commander in chief of the District of Columbia’s principality.

This is why, therefore, the impeachment proceedings are inconsequential to the overall interests of the American people, and the American public observes Hollywood actors, like Representative Gaetz, portraying their congressional roles and dutifully reciting their assigned scripts.


When it comes to celebrities and other public figures, the scribes working on behalf of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families know, the common proletariat love and crave melodrama. Though superficially, Gaetz’s publicly displayed characterization appears as a paragon of moral virtue, it seems his career in public life has not remained immune from suffering controversies.

It is alleged that, in 2008, Gaetz was arrested on charges of driving under the influence while returning home from a nightclub located on the Florida island of Okaloosa. Wikipedia claims, police recorded Gaetz’s vehicle driving 13 mph over the allowed speed limit.

There’s that number, again – 13.

Though he was arrested, it is alleged Gaetz refused to be administered a breathalyzer test.

After much legal wrangling, the charges were, later, allegedly dropped, with the incident, thereafter, expunged from Gaetz’s record.

It is also alleged, between the years of 1999 and 2014, Gaetz received a total of 16 speeding tickets. Loyal readers will, of course, recognize the presence of the number 7 which represents the Zayin derived from the Kabbalah alphabet.

After taking office as Florida representative, Gaetz became embroiled in a controversy involving a resolution written by one of his congressional aides.

Reportedly, the resolution brought before the House Judiciary Committee was found to contain information from a source considered disreputable.

The source of the content was alleged to have been derived – according to Wikipedia and Foreign Policy magazine – from /r/The_Donald, “a pro-Trump subreddit notorious for both its embrace of conspiracy theories and its gleeful offensiveness.”

Foreign Policy magazine is published by Graham Holdings Company, owners of mainstream publications such as Newsweek and the Washington Post. The latter publication, the Washington Post, has always had a cozy relationship with both the CIA and the State Department, and has proved itself a reliable pipeline – or, perhaps it is more accurate to say, sewer pipe – for the dissemination of government propaganda.

Regardless of the alleged validity of such narratives related to the biography of “Matt Gaetz”, it is clear his character’s fabrication, not surprisingly, is being utilized as a weapon of psycholgocial warfare, to discredit both alternative news researchers and to malign the empirical worthiness of their research conclusions which may be perceived to fall beyond those considered accepted mainstream perceptions, or, those which reach beyond the boundaries of what are considered politically correct parameters.

The character persona of “Donald Trump”, after all, was set up as a symbolic totem in dialectical opposition to the social and political agendas of the thirteen families.

“Donald Trump” exists as a forbidden concept, an ideologically oriented trap, designed to readily identify and to easily facilitate social media targeting of those who could be deemed as political dissidents, social undesirables and, or perhaps worse, dreaded “conspiracy theorists”.

Obviously, Wikipedia has made a clear effort to infer, the character fabrication of “Matt Gaetz” was created to serve an identically covert but no less sinister purpose as a weapon of psychological warfare.

Turns out, President Donald Trump’s fake impeachment proceeding isn’t the only production “Matt Gaetz” has starred in.

How ironic, therefore, we should discover Matt Gaetz’s host actor once starred in a movie about a fake nautical disaster.


That’s right folks, there can be no doubt. Ear biometric, facial recognition, and voice analysis prove Academy-Award winning Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is the host actor hidden behind the fabricated political character scheme of Florida Representative Matt Gaetz.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Matt Gaetz:

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Matt Gaetz:

Here’s another, though less well-known, Hollywood portrayal from DiCaprio which – considering his host actor’s characterization of “Matt Gaetz” – may nevertheless appear familiar.


The stewards of Post-Modern Reality Simulation must be getting either sloppy or lazy. It appears, the identical host actor who the CIA script writers have cast as “Don Gaetz”, the character scheme fabricated to fill the role of father to the Florida congressional representative, is also portraying the role of Congressional Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler – Tommy Lee Jones.

Several components of facial geometry between Nadler, Gaetz, and Tommy Lee Jones have proved to match. Most notably, the geometry of the noses, brow ridges, and teeth appear to be identical.

Though it appears various formulations of light shading and even prostethics have been strategically utilized to aid with the concealment of Jerry Nadler’s host actor, ear biometric analysis indicates a match between both Nadler, Don Gaetz, and Tommy Lee Jones .

Amusingly, you may have noticed, there have been several times during the impeachment proceedings, when Chairman Nadler has conferred with someone seated behind him, presumably to remind the character of his assigned script.

Don Gaetz:

Tommy Lee Jones:

Don Gaetz:

Tommy Lee Jones:

Jerry Nadler:

Tommy Lee Jones:

Jerry Nadler:

Tommy Lee Jones:

Jerry Nadler:

Tommy Lee Jones:












8 thoughts on “Is “Congressman Gaetz” a titanic Hollywood Fraud?

    1. What makes the “Gaetz” characterization so convincing is the fact the actor doesn’t feel the need, unlike many of the others participating in this congressional charade, the committee chairman included, to regularly consult his teleprompter to recall his script. Only an actor the caliber of DiCaprio could pull this off with such aplomb. Both voice and facial comparison analysis confirm this hypothesis.

      1. In the past I saw some Heads of state read leaflets, after some stagings, such as that of Andrey Karlov in Ankara in 2016. The whole scene was full of Masonic symbolisms. I must say it was one of the worst and most ridiculous stagings ever.

  1. Confidentially, I have witnessed this staging first hand, right here in my very own neighborhood involving police and first responders. Compartmentalization remains the key element as to how this is successfully executed, and the subsequent accounts in periodicals and newspapers are always coded. In fact, if you read your local newspapers with a cold and objective eye, every facet of every issue is riven with their symbolism and gematria coding.

      1. I viewed the video sample – concerning the Titanic hoax – you provided in your last comment. I don’t happen to believe there was any ship that sank, and the entire story was a complete fabrication promoted by the same banking principals who owned the newspapers. The key figures, in the execution of the hoax, appear to have been both Molly Brown and Smith, the alleged captain of the doomed vessel. The hypothesis, concerning the insurance scam, certainly, appears plausible. Allow me to thank you, for providing a valuable volume of fresh research material – I’m most appreciative.

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