Honesty not Harry S. Truman’s best policy

Honesty not Harry S. Truman’s best policy

Turns out folks, 33rd US president Harry S. Truman was likely someone other than what American history texts claim. In fact, it also turns out, Ronald Reagan was not the first Hollywood actor to serve as US president. But, as loyal readers also know, Ronny Ray Gun wasn’t exactly who or what he claimed to be either (Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XI). 

In fact, regarding the former small-time haberdashery proprietor who was transformed into history’s most unlikely epic figure, merely observing the number 33 in the opening sentence of this installment likely signals to those among the most astute of one’s loyal readers there may be something truly amiss about the late Harry Truman.

They would be correct.

On this occasion, not only did the trail of one’s research wind back to our old friend, Hollywood mogul Barry Diller, but lead straight to Mister Diller’s father, Michael.

The first clue that Harry S. Truman was not who history claims, existed with an inherent problem with his middle initial, which according to established, mainstream biographies apparently stands for – wait for it folks – absolutely nothing of any significance whatsoever.

From there, one began to reason that yet another actor in history’s grand stage play had been identified, and that the entire moniker of Harry S. Truman may be a manufactured pseudonym.

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What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part III)

What really happened to JFK assassin Oswald? (Part III)

Though the revelations included in the first pair of installments concerning the JFK assassination may have seemed shocking enough, there exists more to be revealed.

On this occasion, one shall first examine the alleged romantic entanglement between the late JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and his surviving Soviet defector, Marina Oswald.

Then, one shall reexamine the identity of the slain president’s host actor.

Suffice to say folks, though the American people have been held spellbound by the official, mainstream narrative of the JFK assassination for decades, that spell is about to be broken – forever.

Before a fuller understanding of the myth of JFK and the proper historical significance of his assassination can be considered, one must first acquire a thorough understanding of what exactly occurred on that fateful day, of the true nature of the perpetrators and participants involved and, of the social and political agendas that were subsequently well-served.

Collectively, all of these elements represent the keystone unlocking the secrets of the rigged, actor based reality, and why this grand concept has been so successful at psychologically dominating the minds of the masses throughout the modern era.
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