There is a legend concerning modern freemasonry’s most renowned forefather. It is written, that one day, as the sun rose in the east, Albert Pike discovered the secret to the ‘craft’ while ensconced in a remote log cabin. He then proceeded to place that secret inside a sacred temple, built brick by brick. The perception of reality one derives from mainstream television, the majority of ‘conspiracy’ videos uploaded to You Tube, and even some of the daily blog entries right here on WordPress, in many ways resembles General Pike’s brick by brick erection of a temple, a temple filled with lies, that shall one day, with careful and assiduous investigation, and maybe even personal sacrifice, soon transform into a house of fragile cards.

However, this is a result of humanity’s long night of oppression at the hands of a ruling oligarchy.

The Mandela effect targets a mass population accustomed to absorbing the perception of reality primarily through media, television, internet, popular magazines and periodicals as well popular music, rather than perceiving reality via direct experience derived from one’s own inherent intuitive senses, filtered through logical and rational contemplation.

Most are not accustomed to this, and the ruling elites know it.

This is how, century after century, age after sad age, they have kept the masses divided with competing religious and political ideologies, and maintained strife between sexes, races, creeds and conflicting social and economic status.

The ‘Mandela effect’ is merely the latest brand or product of globally divisive psychological operations.        

The origins of the Mandela effect are obvious to those who have bothered to study the sinister methods of operation utilized by Tavistock, as well CIA and MI6 sub-departments. Their hired trolls and shills are hard at work like Santa’s little elves, but not to spread good cheer. Rather, these cowardly and soulless scoundrels are the minimum wage workers of the new age, a new age of fear, suspicion, and anonymous digital vandalism. Safely ensconced in their Langley cubicles, perched behind computer monitors, true identities hidden with a seemingly endless variety of nondescript aliases, these vermin will dare attack anyone, comfortable in the knowledge the target cannot retaliate. Faced with a fair fight out in the light of day however, and they shall squirm away like maggots exposed by an upturned rock.

This goes for the local gendarmes too, who are nothing more than gang stalking, doughnut scarfing cretins. By virtue of nepotism, these mindless and monomaniacal robots disguised as community protectors, are granted the privilege of donning a blue uniform, and a gun, strutting around one’s neighborhood displaying their poor dress sense and scumbag air of entitlement as if it were indeed a badge of heroic honor. Contrary to popular perception, their oath is not to protect the property of the homeowner, but to protect their proprietary masonic masters, those franchise owners of the local Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. Common to both trolls and masters, however, is the concept of fear, their constant ally. The ‘Mandela effect’, represents the latest Orwellian psychological weapon being utilized to reshape the hearts and minds of the fearful masses.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.


The Mandela effect, or time wave zero, is the most recent popular meme lately spread by so-called conspiracy researchers. The theory propagated is that the ‘shadow government’ possesses technology capable of resetting a period timeline by triggering deeply traumatic events at the subconscious level. A time wave shift can be spotted through the death of celebrities and public figures believed to have died previously.

This cleverly concocted social experiment exhibits all the classic trademarks of London’s Tavistock Institute.

Contrary to what appears to have become common wisdom among internet conspiracy theorists, the propagation of the Mandela effect consists of a well-coordinated web of shills and disinformation agents attempting to inform the impressionable and suggestible public that specific details of historical events used to be different, telling them they remember of something that in fact never happened in the first place. The main method of operation is in promulgating the established memories of an event may be false.

But, the features of the Mandela effect possess an additional, and perhaps more sinister layer.

Through reverse psychology, these paid trolls attempt to trick the unwitting masses into believing these false memories are realities emanating through other or alternative dimensions.

Two of the most blatantly puerile examples of this are the meme being spread that the world trade center, before the fateful day of September 11 2001, consisted of three towers rather than two. Or yet, the title of Erich Von Daniken’s (a controlled opposition agent of CIA) vintage best selling book on the subject of ancient aliens, ‘Chariot’s of the Gods’, used to have an exclamation, rather than a question mark on the cover.


Not all those disinformation agents and internet shills responsible for the mass promulgation of the Mandela effect are low-level cubicle dwellers of CIA sub-departments, or unemployed and morally challenged, basement dwelling, video game enthusiasts. The grand scale of this psychological operation was made immediately evident upon discovering there are indeed some high level psychological operation agents charged with the continued popularization of the Mandela effect.


Fiona Fitzgerald Broome, is a necromancer witch, whose favorite environments appear to be cemeteries and alleged haunted places. Broome’s main activities seem to be preoccupied with the dead and the cursed. Renown as one of America’s most notorious necromancers, Broome is a writer of several books on necromancy and Wicca, and is a consultant of several Hollywood produced television shows about occultism, including the Science Fiction channel’s Ghost Hunters. Broome is a family relation of Ghost Hunters host Barry Fitzgerald, who is also an enthusiast of necromancy, and author of several books dealing with the metaphysical. A preliminary genealogical investigation reveals that the Fitzgerald name derives from noble Peerage bloodlines originating in Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. The Fitzgerald bloodline is connected to not only the Bush family, but also the Vanderbilt’s and the Roosevelt’s.

Raging Falcon - 3D[1343692]

But, now for perhaps the most pertinent detail.

The headquarters for the Ghost Hunters program is Rockefeller Center, New York, near the immediate vicinity of the UN headquarters. In light of the genealogically derived information, it is not surprising the Yellow Brick road of the Mandela effect extends straight from the doorstep of such legendary and notorious American banking oligarchs.

That’s right folks, it can now be reported, the same family funded the Feminist movement, the civil rights and hippie counter culture movements, is now utilizing their billions to fund the Mandela effect psychological operation.

Go ahead, folks, throw your petty hatreds and puerile insults at the messenger, rather than bothering to summon the requisite curiosity and diligence in performing one’s own corroborative research.

Just realize, that someday, when one finally comes to the realization their perception of reality is a colossal lie and their children’s futures have been long sold down the proverbial river, it shall indeed be too late to do anything about it.

The time is now to wake up, folks. Now, what are you going to do?


19 thoughts on “‘Mandela effect’ is intelligence psychological operation

    1. Thank you for your continued interest in Newsspellcom,org. The purpose of the material presented at Newsspell is to stimulate thought and intelligent discussion through educated speculation. It is my hope, after encountering the material presented, one shall feel compelled to begin their own investigation. Perhaps, walking on your own path to discovering the truth, and through exhaustive diligence, one shall procure the empirical documentation one seeks.


  1. This is a great introduction. I am currently looking into the specifics of individual Mandela effects to ascertain the how’s wheres and whyfores. I believe more than 50% of commercial logo or brand name changes could simply be put down to the influx of Asian knock offs who legally (or maybe not so legally) alter brand names by removing a letter or adding something new. Same with logo changes. The one common denominator between 99% of Mandela effect “proofs” is they all revolve around very simplistic one letter or one word changes, which allows for memory games to be played. The same is occurring now amongst Christians and so called Bible changes. You should expand on this topic. Thank you for this post.


  2. Undoubtedly a psy-op. Whomever is responsible would have to have ownership of the products, recordings, books, news footage and films (etc.) or otherwise face an army of litigators. Who owns the Mandela-effected? Can a common aim be discerned among the many companies involved?
    The Tavistock Institute may well be involved but this particular vehicle of chaos is hallmarked, Mossad.


    1. Thanks for your interest in the material published at Newsspell. The ‘Mandela-effected’, those masses of consumers entertained by commercial products – by virtue of the legal/corporate name written on the commercial bond manifest AKA birth certificate issued at birth by the City of London’s Crown Temple – are owned by the Vatican, which is controlled by the Jesuit order. It would seem, the common aim of the so-called Mandela effect is to not only further induce mass confusion and disorientation – a psychological state which causes the masses to become more dependent on governments and stimulates greater profits for the pharmaceutical/psychiatric complex – but, with the exponential stimulation of greater levels of commercial profitability, also benefits the ruling elite, thirteen families. You will discover – through more extensive and thorough research – these thirteen families are the major shareholders and owners of the most well-known corporations responsible for the mass distribution of popular commercial products. Undoubtedly, London’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, along with Stanford’s Research Center, is monitoring the effectual scope of this operation with the help of data analyses drawn from smart phones, laptops, and other digital devices. It seems also likely, these reams of behavioral data are compiled with the help of intelligence agencies who, in turn, profitably share the data with corporations. Ultimately, such ‘Big Data’ statistics aid these corporations in better shaping their sales and consumer demographics.


  3. Maybe the psyop goes deeper and further back than you imagine? Take the Black Tom Explosion for example. Now you can look it up and make a clear determination that Pearl Harbor was not in fact the first attack on USA soil by a foreign power as has been suggested since I was in school. I doubt most high school history teachers have heard of it. Could it be that this info was suppressed (on purpose) from history books and schools for over 100 years? If so, could it also be that it was the beginning of the psyop, to be followed later by the movie Snow White where the line “Magic Mirror on the Wall” appears, later to be purposefully misquoted as “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” so that there would be a Mandela Effect 80 years later? Then in the late 50’s, perhaps there was just one episode of “I Love Lucy” where Ricky said “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining’ to do”, which was then set up as a meme, and afterwards they pulled all evidence that such an episode ever existed? I’m just suggesting that there may have been much more proactivity in this psyop than we once thought, and that it may have begun much earlier.


    1. The premise of your assertion is correct, in that the thirteen families have been manipulating mass human perception through the fabricated narratives of “accepted” scholarly history for generations and even centuries. It is only now, in the post-modern age and with the aid of modern technology, they are able to do so with much greater alacrity and with greater efficiency.


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