Here’s an honest impression of American politics. Enjoy!


Transitioning back to the political arena for a very abbreviated post, I could not resist the urge to comment on the superficial and scripted spectacle recently presented to the public.

Many, sadly, still think their effort in voting for the candidate of choice represents democracy in action, or for those still steeped in cognitive dissonance, participating in some sort of ‘sacred’ franchise.

Many still have not, or worse yet refuse to consider, the tragic concept of having the privilege to elect, but not select the candidate of particular choice.

escape-to-death_banner1071For the selection process is done entirely in secret, a process the registered ‘voters’ aren’t, and never shall be, privy.

No, the televised ‘debates’ are merely the political equivalent of American Idol, a crude spectacle rife with calculated gestures, scripted talking points, a low brow demonstration of cynicism and corruption writ large, designed strictly in mind for the 21st century age…

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