Many, still, do not believe the mainstream news is scripted in advance. The world is governed by the concept of commerce. The elites must keep the masses in thrall to their television sets with emotionally driven programming. Television shows, particularly news stories, are no different than tightly scripted mini-series, or even Hollywood movies.

The media sorcerers do this, not for your entertainment pleasure, but for the ultimate purpose of stimulating commerce. The longer they can keep one glued to the television, the more likely one shall watch the advertisements. Advertising is the true purpose of television.

The broadcast content of the shows, movies, sporting events, are completely incidental. Rather, the broadcast content acts as vehicle for subconscious and conscious triggers; colors, tones, and chaotically edited moving pictures, psychological triggers calculated to stimulate a preferred emotional reaction. The goal, after first inducing emotional investment, is to keep one watching. The longer one watches, the more likely one will become emotionally cajoled to purchase the commercial goods advertised.

One watches, they sell, and one buys. It really is that simple.

So long as one can be manipulated into states of fear, sadness, or even euphoria, the wheels of commerce shall keep perpetually turning, ensuring the status quo is permanently maintained.

Social media is a brilliantly streamlined example of this process, which shall soon be detailed in the next upcoming installment.

escape-to-death_banner1071For now, let us stick to the subject at hand, the so-called London terror attack of 3/22. What one witnessed, was nothing more than a government sponsored psychological operation, which shall no doubt stimulate, in the minds of the masses, the need for more surveillance and government security.

For those unfamiliar with this common method of elite operation, referred to as the ‘Hegelian dialectic’, allow one to explain. When political and social problems are brought to bear through deliberate calculation, the masses will predictably howl to their ‘elected’ officials for an immediate solution. No doubt, in the wake of this ‘event’, Parliament is already planning to justify the passage of more prepackaged legislation limiting freedom of movement, necessitating more invasive surveillance placed in an around the city of London. However, with this operation, the media sorcerers at the BBC, decided to do something rather curious, something missed by those still largely unaware of the psychological manipulations repeatedly employed.


Harking back to that fateful day on 9/11/2001, one may recall a BBC correspondent, allegedly live from New York, reporting on the collapse of Building #7.

There were only two problems.

One, the correspondent in question was not reporting live from New York, she was in fact perched in front of a studio green screen. Secondly, in the footage cast onto the screen immediately behind her, the building in question could still be observed standing in pristine condition. Building #7, had not yet fallen into it’s own footprint, as the twin towers had done hours before. But, by then, the public was so emotionally invested in the event, that no one bothered to notice this rather odd anomaly. Shortly thereafter, none other than the US president, urged the public to, no surprise, forego their fears and “fly to Florida, or any of America’s other vacation destination spots.”

The manipulation of emotional states and the continued growth of commerce are always inextricably linked in such ways.

But most, even now, fail to construct the obvious psychological nexus.

ragingfalcon11838332PREPACKAGED NEWS

One’s nightly and daily broadcast news is scripted like a movie. The news reports details, can and often are, changed, at any time, due to whatever suits the current agenda of political or social expedience. This case did not fail to deviate from such a preconceived scenario. The BBC, utilizing much the same method of operation as they did on 9/11, reported the ‘terrorist event’, precisely one day before it had actually occurred. In the televised BBC footage, at precisely 3:21 pm, the anchors cut to  breaking news of a Westminster terror attack, reporting four gunshots heard by witnesses outside Parliament. The female anchor can clearly be seen making a slashing gesture across her throat, conspicuously signaling to the studio producers to immediately kill the report. Of course, the following day, the seeming gaffe played out in real time, just as it had been reported earlier.

Coincidence? One thinks not!

One cannot underscore more completely, these ‘terror events’ are ongoing psychological operations, not only manipulating the emotional reactions of the public, but also testing their cognitive abilities to detect such seeming gaffes and inherent inconsistencies. These gaffes or seeming inconsistencies, however, aren’t mistakes.

Nothing the media sorcerers broadcast occurs by accident.


The day of the so-called attack occurred on 3/22, a number of great significance to anyone with an understanding of the numerical codes constantly utilized by the media sorcerers. Those familiar with my other posts, which explain the media sorcerers preoccupation with numerology, will readily understand what is being referred to.

News stories such as this are always coded with telltale numbers, numbers which when applied in cooperation with tones, colors and other visual manipulations, serve to alter human perception.

More than this, these elements, when used in effective combination, serve to alter human emotional response, through manipulation of biological vital signs, such as heart rate, and adrenal output.

The most obvious numerology indicator used for this event is the date: 3/22. This is an obvious reference to Skull and Bones, the Yale secret (perhaps, not so secret anymore) society which includes members belonging to some of the wealthiest and most prominent families in the Western world. Add these numbers together: 3+2+2=7.

The number seven represents the G in the center of the masonic square and compass, or the idea placed in the human mind, the idea dangerous terrorists are running rampant, attacking unexpectedly everywhere and anywhere, requiring more government protection, security and surveillance. One shall notice the number 7 appears quite prominently in all published news accounts in the aftermath of such so-called terror events, whether appearing in periodicals, newspapers, or online. When used in triplicate, 777, this number sequence represents black jack, or insider media sorcerer code indicating the publicized news story is, in fact, a deliberate psychological operation.

Yeah, sure, go ahead and scoff! I dare one to come out from hiding behind one’s computer long enough to personally unburden one’s righteous indignation. However, if one still refuses to acknowledge the psychological manipulations keeping one in an infantile intellectual state of development, then isn’t it time to start fielding salient questions regarding one’s ill-conceived perception of the world?

Those discerning enough, however, shall surely begin to notice these particular indicators, utilized far too often to be coincidental.

Then again, most of you have been conditioned to believe conspiracies don’t exist, haven’t you?


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