Americans, even in this digital age with reams of knowledge at their fingertips, will somehow never let go of the massive lies with which they have grown so comfortable. Far more comfortable to be safe among the hordes of sheep, than risk getting separated from the herd, wandering into the wild to face the fearful wolf. Daring to expose the fact this world is filled with nothing more than lies and liars, means one risks facing those deep seated monsters buried in dark crevices of the subconscious, of being ostracized for daring to be different.

Going against the grain in an intellectually incurious 21st century, adopting perspectives deviating from mainstream propaganda, is truly a dangerous gambit, for one risks transforming to social pariah. Indeed, contracting the disease of independent thinking will mean you shall stand alone at the office water cooler. Which brings us to the topic at hand, for…

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