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I apologize in advance for the tone. But in a jaded and increasingly cynical age, when attention spans are shorter than the last television commercial, one finds such an approach is sometimes necessary!


Did that get your attention, perhaps rupture your social media womb long enough to face some reality? It is high time for humanity to reconsider history, to reconsider what they’ve been told to believe by politicians, priests, and professors, for they have fed you falsehoods, existing for no other purpose, than to solicit your willing submission to their authority without protest. Why do you continue to vote for Democrats and Republicans with nothing more to offer than carrying out the shopworn divide and conquer agenda of the elite bankers housed at the Crown Temple in London?

Exploitation is the elites stock-in-trade, formulating scenarios of hope soon degenerating into frantic states of manic depressive sorrow. Why do you think most of the fading baby boom generation, and the now middle-aged Generation X, are among the leading consumers of pharmaceuticals?

Keeping the masses in a constant emotional state of panic and fear makes them much easier to hold under crushing boot. Those of the so-called middle-class, are you really free when demanded to pay increasingly higher taxes, car payments, mortgages, no matter the ideology of the ruling administration in Washington? You may think you own something, but you don’t, the bankers own everything, including those politicians in whom you’ve made grossly ill-advised emotional investments. Why do you continue to bow, support, even cheer, and provide one shred of credence to an enthroned group of pretenders given the legal but unlawful right to call themselves presidents and prime ministers, when the inherent power to govern yourselves is well within your grasp?

That’s okay, scoff, huff, and click off the page, returning to something that satisfies your own petty desires, because that’s probably all you care about anyway, right! Go ahead, watch CNN, FOX, or some other mainstream ‘news’ that will spoon feed reality to you like dosages of pablum.

Many shall surely scoff at the conclusions reached here.

Though this may be the final installment of this particular series of posts (*), that by no means entails any degree of closure. The elite Crown Temple bankers shall continue to exploit the hopes and dreams of the masses, and the people will continue to react with passive acceptance. The ramifications of the information about to be divulged are shockingly tragic, tragic in the sense so many could be fooled for so long. Understanding the nuances of this story, accompanied by the historical backdrop previously provided in the first two installments, is key in deciphering how it is the elites, the Rothschild’s, and their Crown Temple banking minions, maintain their stranglehold over the masses. This, they do, with the systematic creation of historical myths, myths offering hope to the downtrodden, offering transcendence, salvation from the mundane boredom of lives in the throes of quiet desperation, only to later pull the rug out from under.

And why, one might ask, is this systematically done throughout history?

It is done, because the elites possess keen insights into mass human psychology; a narcissistic population constantly distracted and preoccupied with emotionalism, one lacking a penchant for logical and analytical faculties, are far easier to manipulate, and ultimately govern. Again and again, throughout history, they offer the unwashed masses heroic figures to worship and admire; JFK, RFK, MLK, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc. All of these, had one thing in common, they were mythological constructs, created, supported, and funded, installed into place by the elite bankers. So it was, with the creation of Diana, the people’s princess. For a time, she represented a shining beacon, a distracting focal point to keep the masses in thrall to a cult of personality, while behind the scenes, the elites were casting spells, spells that would once again create order out of chaos. Her brief period of mass popularity must be put into context. During this period of time in Britain, the economy was on the skids, with tens of thousands unemployed and unable to find gainful employment, with many of the country’s public services – gas, water, electricity – sold into the hands of private interests.

What better way to pacify the growing disaffected, than to offer a shining princess, a beacon of symbolic hope to pierce the prevailing gloom?

Of course, the media sorcerers, owned and operated by the Rothschild’s, and their Crown Temple banking friends, never bothered to inform the public their country was literally being sold down the Thames. Meanwhile, many thousands of tax burdened, nearly homeless and starving masses swooned over the beautiful princess as she pranced around damask-decked Buckingham palace in her flowing silk gowns.

From the beginning, a meticulously crafted story line was constructed for the character chosen to play the public role of Diana. She was an elite debutante, sold as a modern day Cinderella, swept off her feet by Prince Charles, and summarily donned with supernatural glass slippers.

To many, Diana represented a demigoddess, but, she was not who one thought, for she was merely an actress and, as so many of her ilk had before, she was merely appointed to portray a scripted role.

The history of the royal family is thought to be known to many.

And yet, the public sees only what the media sorcerers want them to see, or to put it more accurately, the people only see what they allow themselves to see. Many, one suspects, subconsciously realize their closely guarded perceptions of this world fully consist of lies derived from the mealy mouths of egregious liars. But, to contemplate the extent of those lies, and the scope of their inherent ramifications, would require too much attention, or, perhaps, considering the inconceivable is too great a psychological burden. For, if most ever considered the extent of the grand illusion, that grotesquely false perception of artificial reality, force fed and instilled from infancy, they would shrink in fear, horrified to find the life they thought they knew, torn asunder into shredded tatters.


To demonstrate more fully the recording of history is nothing more than a magic trick, enacted to transform the perceptions and consciousness of humankind, we shall once again delve into other examples of elite deception. The history of the British monarchy is riddled with clever deceptions involving sleight of hand, and outright faking of deaths. One analyzes patterns in the telling and retelling of history, the same methods of deceptive operation utilized over and over, to the point of utter redundancy. Perhaps, the most telltale sign of this, comes in the form of the mythologizing of Richard III who as a result of the War of the Roses – itself an historically deceptive concoction rife with narrative inconsistencies – magically transformed to Richard VII:  (Kabbalah numerology: III and VII, or three sevens=777, or black jack, you’ve been fooled!).

It is a safe bet that, when the history of a particular bloodline is immortalized, not only in so-called academic annals, but by modern media – a monopolistic monolith controlled by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – something is truly amiss.

None other than George Orwell put it best: “Whomever controls the past controls the future.”

Princess Diana did not die on that fateful night of August, 31: (August, the eighth month, 31, or 3+1=4, or 8+4=12, or 21=777, black jack, Kabbalah numerology hoax code), because she never existed. She was a character portrayed by Ondine Rothschild, a character dutifully playing out a role on the stage of history, as so many have done before.

While the masses remain transfixed with the action on stage illuminated by blinding rainbows of colorful footlights, they remain forever oblivious to what routinely occurs behind the theatrical curtain, where the genuine political maneuvering takes place.

Not only did the Princess Diana character AKA Ondine Rothschild not die in a tragic car crash, but ear biometric, hand vein pattern and facial recognition analysis clearly confirm she was later resurrected, and is now playing out the role of Prime Minister suspiciously abandoned by David Cameron, Theresa May!

Ondine Rothschild:




Princess Diana Spencer:




PM Theresa May:




In case you dispute that bit of information, one would do well to remember; people routinely lie, computer software possesses no such human compunction.

And now, you may crawl back into your social media womb, where all is warm and safe.

(*) For a more detailed explanation and analysis of the symbolic and occult significance of Diana’s character on the world stage, proceed to Part IV @ https://newsspellcom.org/2018/09/18/diana-the-myth-made-peoples-princess-part-IV/


  1. Well that was a disappointing article. Where’s the proof that Diana is Ondine Rothschild? Where’s the proof that she’s now playing out the role of Theresa May? Hey, maybe she’s actually Donald Trump! I mean, they’re both blond right? I accept that her death was faked and that she wasn’t the person we were told she was but your theory is ridiculous.


    1. Thank you for your interest in Newsspellcom.org., but I in light of your disappointment, one would encourage you to fully investigate the matter yourself and then based on empirical evidence decide rather than choosing to scoff at the hypothetical assertions made with knee-jerk emotionalism.


      1. Allow me to ask, other than the power of suggestion, neural linguistic programming, and actors dressed up as ‘expert’s, do mainstream news sources provide the public any genuine empirical evidence for the claims they make? And yet, you and the masses at large never bother to question or corroborate. Did you read the entire series of articles – did you not observe there exist matching hand/vein patterns and ear bio-metrics? Here’s a suggestion, get the necessary tools and conduct your own investigation to either corroborate or refute what one has asserted, for that is the basis of true empirical and scientific inquiry. And, you’re yet another individual with a generic icon accompanied by some anonymous moniker – suspicious to say the very least, correct?


    1. Surely, someone clever enough to hide behind a faceless and generic icon can provide a greater and in depth analysis than that? Surely, one is aware biographies can be routinely fabricated? Surely, one is cognizant photographs can be shot with lens distortions and altered with photo shop in post-production? And what of comparative hand print/vein analysis from a series of photographs the elite handlers forgot to photo shop proving beyond shadow of doubt both historical characters known to the world as PM Theresa May and Princess Diana were indeed portrayed by the identical host actor should be duly considered and ultimately cannot be denied?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Was the first Lady Diana an actress as well or was she genuine? Was there an original Theresa May who was replaced by an actress? Which of the Lady Diana actresses is now playing Theresa May?


    1. Thank you for your interest in the material found at Newsspell. Forensic examination indicates the public figures of Lady Diana Spencer and British PM Theresa May are characters portrayed by the same host actor known as Ondine Rothschild. If one is so inclined, it is recommended one please consult the series of articles entitled “How Crown Temple rules America” for a near thorough explanation as to how the actor based reality legally functions through holding corporations operating within a global commercial system allowing for political proxies acting under pseudonyms,


    1. Thank you for your interest in Newsspell. The same thirteen families have not only been ruling over us since time immemorial, they have also managed to monopolize every profitable field of commercial, human endeavor.


    1. Indeed, Charles, You may want to check out the most recent installments posted here at Newsspell. When you do, you shall learn that European royalty represent the crux of the post-modern actor-based-reality phenomenon. Many of them are Hollywood celebrities, pop stars, and even mainstream newscasters in disguise.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Learn to write English!

        “…..you WILL learn that European royalty representS….. ”



      2. wow, they’re hitting you full frontal assault using letters, sentences, and grammar corrections ..tough crowd! ..smiles..
        I usually just read what you put up and follow silently but for some odd reason I am pulled into responding to this one. Carry on!


      3. nutspielcom.forge

        *Novelist/Indepedent researcher/creative writer/free thinker*

        Novelist/independent researcher/creative writer/free thinker/oddball/flake/fruitcake……..



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