So you think network news is legitimate? Do you really think your favorite news anchor reports what’s really happening in the world, or are the majority of all major news stories completely contrived? And, if the majority of news stories are in fact contrived, for what ultimate purpose(s)? The question most often posed is: Why would they fake it?

The answer may shock you!

Modern news anchors and so-called journalists are not reporters, rather they are the witches, warlocks, and sorcerers of old, handmaidens to the rich and powerful. The idea of actual journalism is a crock, because if the media sorcerers are manufacturing their own content, then there is nothing to investigate, no real facts to collate and collect, other than the ones fabricated. Rather than boiling cauldrons, wielding wands or reciting ancient incantations, theirs are the tools of psychological operations, bolstered by modern digital technology, and judicious use of numerology…

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