Though there are those who will offer nothing in response to the following other than scornful rebuke and righteous indignation, so be it!

One would do well to remember, the wounds of verbal scorn are most temporary, while the quest for objective truth remains eternal.

It has been written that defeat or victory does not occur on battlefields, rather the determination of conflicts’ outcome is determined in the minds of the combatants, before the actual war is even planned and undertaken. And so it is with the media sorcerers, meting out perpetual psychological warfare on the masses, and they seem to prevail as the victors every time. That decisive outcome however, with the ease of access to important and vital information due to digital technology, is just now beginning to be altered. With increasing and incremental awareness concerning media sorcerers diabolical methods of operation, the pendulum of history, perhaps for…

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8 thoughts on “NEITHER DEATH NOR TERROR ON 911

  1. Let me ask you two questions: 1) do you think that Soleimani murder is the usual masonic hoax?
    2) Is there in these numbers a masonic signature, as it does for me? 43 dead, 14 8 2018, 11:36


    1. Good to talk with you once more. In fact, I have yet to look into this event. Although, merely from cursory observation, I think it appears your hypothesis is certain to be well-proved. 43=7/Kabbalah Zayin, 8=aces and eights, mark of the Jesuits, 11, twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin, 36=3 6’s/666+11=47/Euclid’s 47th masonic/geometric problem.

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      1. Thanks for your precious response. There are some other oddities in that event, starting from conflicting and modified videos over time.
        I add that 11:3+6 could also be the 11/9 scheme repeated. I noticed that code hidden in other hoaxes in the last years, after twin tower hoax.
        And do you think about Soleimani murder?


      2. Yes, your correct about the numerological codes, In addition to the theme of 9/11, there are the colors of black and red, which are symbolic of the Jesuit order. The recent event to which you refer appears to be a complete fabrication. As for any official videos distributed from the MSM, they are always found to have been manipulated in post-production.


      3. Many of the video samples – those released from MSM sources – appear to have been video morphs or composites spliced together in post-production. Images of the General – surely, you’ve noticed the reference to the Jesuit black sun in his name (SOL) – appear to be photo shops. Some official photos appear to have merely composited with or tipped-in his image among pre-existing images.


      4. Regarding the London Bridge “terror” simulation, it was no coincidence the entire event took place near the Fishmongers of the Crown Temple. This was a deliberate attempt to broadcast to Americans and to the world-at-large that, on behalf of the ruling thirteen families, the Templars are in firm control of their respective nations’ corporate sovereignty.


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